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Human trunk arm leg raise


It is human trunk support arm & leg raise.Let's strengthen insufficient one, transversus abdominis muscle, multifidus muscle with a human trunk support in frontIn combination with "human trunk support," please try it.
It is effective for a fat stomach, posture, low back pain improvement.
By movement to raise its leg, it is effective for tightening and the buttock lifting of buttocks, the reinforcement of the erector muscle of spine.
At first, please try it from a state (the system taking a break of this application) pounding a knee.
As you are free, at first you confirm a series of flows, and please carry it out.
※Attention・With some smartphones, a vibe does not work. As it is out of control of Android, I cannot support it.・I use the net communication only by an advertisement, operation situation confirmation. I do not use it at all elsewhere.